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  1. Night Hunter

    Pard NV008 Fully Adjustable Eagle Vision Mount

    A video showing quick overview of the Pard NV008P fully adjustable eagle vision mount.
  2. Night Hunter

    Waste disposal ratting

    Some good shooting there Jeff .. I must admit that ATN 4K footage is very good .:cool:
  3. Night Hunter

    Pard NV008 V1.25 Firmware v1.25

    WARNING THIS IS NOT SUITABLE FOR PARD NV008P MODELS THIS IS FOR NV008 MODELS ONLY. NV008 FIRMWARE ONLY For all users of the Pard standard NV008 a firmware update is now available to provide the features of the NV008 LRF model including new reticule designs, increased zero profiles, picture in...
  4. Night Hunter

    Pard NV008P V2.05 Firmware V2.05

    NV008-P AMOLED MODEL FIRMWARE ONLY For all users of the Pard standard NV008P and NV008P LRF a firmware update is now available to provide various internal improvements and increased gain control to improve night time performance. Available to download from the below link. Copy and paste this...
  5. Night Hunter

    Waste disposal ratting

    Nice one Jeff, I've got a lot of thermal footage to add soon. Can't beat shooting rats, the ATN footage is pretty good :D
  6. Night Hunter

    iRay Rico RL42

  7. For Sale Ex Demo Thermion XQ50

    As new Thermion XQ50 thermal rifle scope with 3 year warranty used myself only.. £2499.99
  8. Night Hunter

    Pulsar Gain Control

    A look at the gain control on up close heat signatures using the current Pulsar firmware revisions..
  9. Night Hunter

    Rabbits with the Trail 2 XQ50 LRF and .22LR

    Had a few days of hard frost, the frost cleared although the ground was still solid allowing me access to some normally very wet fields...
  10. Night Hunter

    Pulsar Trail 2 XQ50 LRF

    Fox and long range rabbit taken with a Pulsar Trail 2 XQ50 LRF featuring the <40mk lynred sensor.
  11. Night Hunter

    Guide Track IR Thermal Monoculars

    A quick look at the great in target detail offered by the Guide thermal range..
  12. Night Hunter

    Pulsar Helion Thermal Monocular

    The new Pulsar Helion has been announced, it features a 640 x 480 core sensor, 8 colour modes, upto 24x digital mag, wifi streaming, integrated battery with quick change B power pack and a newly designed housing.
  13. Night Hunter

    Which night vision.

    Hello Philip. Personally from my own experiences. If you want a cheap dedicated get a Yukon photon XT 6.5. If you want something better, that you can swap between rifles and use the scopes full mag range get a Ward...
  14. Night Hunter

    Couple of foxes

    Using the last of the 80 gr soft points in the .243, a couple down.
  15. Night Hunter

    Three foxes

    Managed three foxes, should of been 6 but I left my bullet pouch at home , only had a three shot mag !!! Doh!!
  16. Night Hunter

    Drone Pro Fox

    200yds with the Drone Pro and .243 combo, fox down.
  17. Night Hunter

    Rabbit shooting Ward 700 Night Vision

    Ward 700 rabbit shooting with rimfire.
  18. Night Hunter

    Rabbits with Ward 700

    Yip .22 Rimmy.
  19. Night Hunter

    Drone pro 10x preliminary report

    The drone comes nicely back on your T3 there mate, yes there good and built like a tank, money well spent.